into the Mountains

Do you have a personal challenge you wish to achieve in the mountains ? Or prehaps my experiences of team leadership and risk management are of interest to you professionally ? Let me inspire you and share my expeience.  Come into the Mountains with me.


The Climber

Climbing is my passion: rock, ice, alpine and expeditions. I enjoy beeing in the mountains and setting my own goals and challenges.

Besides that I like to write about my adventures and share my passion and knowledge.

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the speaker

Besides beeing in the mountains, I love to share my passion about the mountains.

As a motivational talk: using my own experiences in the mountain to inspire others to reach their goal.

As a business talk: how to be a leader, how to build teams and how to reach your goals.

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the guide

Guiding is my job: I love to take people into the mountains and show them the beauty and the challenge the mountains can bring, and to help them pursue their dreams.

Also being a sportsteacher and a skiteacher gives me a lot of tools to make your mountaintrip safe, challenging and suited for your needs.

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Roeland Van Oss

My name is Roeland van Oss and I am one of the few Dutch Ski- and Mountain Guides. A big part of the year I live in Chamonix (France) from where I do my work all over the Alps.

High white mountains, steep rocky faces, frozen waterfalls; Off-piste skiing, fresh powder, amazing ski touring; Teaching new mountain skills, giving courses and training. These are the key featurs of my work.

I love to take you on an adventure in the mountains and I would love to help you reach you're next goal. It would be my pleasure to take you into the mountains! Besides being an UIAGM Mountain Guide/ Ski Guide, I am also an ISIA ski instructor (8 seasons experience in the snow) and a fully qualified Sports teacher. Because of these experiences, I can make sure your time in the mountains is as safe as possible, enjoyable and rewarding. My priority is that you can enjoy your alpine adventure in a relaxing and safe environment, each on his or her own level!

Besides the guiding, I also like to inspire people and I want to share the lessons I have learned in the mountains. As an entrepenuer and background with management studies I can combine the mountains with more than just a physical challenge. Aspects of  leadership, team building and risk assesement are stripped down in the mountains to its purest form.

Let me inspire you and let me take you on a journey into the mountains: through physical challenge, pushing yourself and by reaching a life long goal that we work towards; or with the lessons I have learned concerning leadership, teamwork and risk.