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How do we deal with risk?

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By Roeland Van Oss

September 08, 2020

How do you deal with risk?
Do you talk about it, and believe you can deal with it?
Do you show your team what could happen, and leave it with that?
Do you think, with all your experience, it will not happen to you?
Or do you chase the problems and deal with them every time they occur?

As a mountain guide I can not chase the problem: if one of my clients falls I am already too late. Which means I constantly have to be aware of the risk that COULD happen: I have to see the risk before it occurs.

We can only deal with risk, if we know what could happen and if we know how to act! Which means we have to practice and get ourselves and our team in a similar, but controlled experience to train our responses. Besides that we have to keep an open mind towards risk and accept that it can happen: arrogance will not safe you here!

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