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By combining his degree in management and his experiences of success and failure in engaging high altitude ascents, Roeland can draw on his knowledge and demonstrate how his learned coping mechanisms can be applied in different roles;  individual advancement, team working and leadership.

Case study : A day off piste ski touring high in the mountains with a group of colleagues who have hired a guide.

The night before the trip has seen significant snowfall. The clients are excited - this is going to be a converted powder day ! But more snow means a greater risk of avalanche. For the guide this brings a whole host of risk factors to identify and mitigate.

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With a weather forecast predicting another storm in the afternoon The planned route needs to be altered to bring the group down in more sheltered terrain. The incoming weather is monitored and every eventuality is analysed and options for escape assessed.

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Guiding is a multifaceted role we provide; Security, encouragement, motivation,instruction and much more

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supporting achievement

A client is falling behind, hesitating on steep ground. Without support, fear and insecurity will take hold. Identifying and managing the experience of each team members is essential. For the enjoyment, success and safety of everyone we need to encouragement and support of the weakest.

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Providing strong leadership

Certain situations call for clear instructions which are followed quickly and without question by the group. The guide must convey a sense of urgency as well as command the trust of the team.

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The mountains are not just a place for physical challenge, they are a setting to develop the whole person. 

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Creating a positive and supporting atmosphere

When the going gets tough and group moral drops it is the guide who creates the atmosphere by reassurance and encouragement and by demonstrating that although conditions might seem hard, this part of the experience.

Inspiration and motivation

Inspiring peoples actions and creating motivation for personal enhnancement

We don't need much as people to be inspired: we need a small spark or idea to set us on the right track.

Througouht my climbing carreer I have been on many different trips across the world: from K2 in Pakistan to Denali in Alaska, and I have guided people on many different routes throughout the Alps. The lessons I've learned on these big mountains will give you an insight how to overcome the doubts of something that looks to big to handle: how to deal with the pressure of extreme responsibility; how to prepare for big goals that seem to far away.

I also share you my thoughts on succes and I will take you to the moments where I had to deal with my own fears, and how I overcame them.

Corporate lessons

Improving management skills like Leadership, Team management and Risk assesment with lessons learned form the mountains

Many management skills are enhanched in the hostile mountain environment: here we deal with life and death decisions and extreme responsibilities. The interaction with risk on the high mountains  and the experience in dealing with individiuals and groups, gave me many insights in leadership, team building and how to cope with risk.

In combination with my experience as an entrepenuer and my degree in management, these insights have proven to be very succesfull for companies.